Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs Villains Episode 6 picks

With apologies to William Shakespeare...

Double tribal, oh what trouble!
Who's in danger, on the bubble?
Scheming Russell, such a snake?
Will Russ, on Rob, his vengeance take?
Is Colby on the chopping block?
Or will James' knee his alliance rock?
Or will an ally feel the sting?
And see their chances take to wing?
Will Tyson's loyalty cause him trouble?
Parvati's flirting burst her bubble?
Dourble tribal, oh what trouble!
Who's in danger, on the bubble?
Russell's idol comes to play.
For Parvati, it saves the day.
Votes are split and with Rob immune,
His new Amber pays the piper's tune.
Tyson takes the walk of shame.
Then Villains dine to watch the same.
As Heroes now must air their trouble
And by their vote, complete the double.
JT and Rupert make it moot
And vote Sir James a mercy boot.
So there you have it, my good friends.
That is how this week will end.

Monday, March 15, 2010

U-Turn to Oblivion

One of the things I most love about The Amazing Race, it's an actual competition. Cross the finish line first, you win. Of course a lot of things can happen along the way, you have to make decisions and live or die with the consequences, but in general the better talented more adept teams come out ahead.

Last night was not a prime example of TAR, not even a standard or typical episode. It had some amusement, The Red Baron spent all afternoon buzzing France as Carol and Brandy continued to gripe their way around the world. Still, it was a short leg (pardon the phrase), not much to it.

And in the end the team that was eliminated, Joe and Heidi, suffered not from a bad decision of their own, or bad luck, or even Joe's swollen knee. They got U-Turned, something the producers came up with to make lackluster legs a little more interesting, nothing else. Kind of a shame but even the best TV shows are, in the end, just TV shows.

This season will probably get better and better from here on out.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Surprise Boot?! A monkey could do it.

Our little monkey says James hurts his knee. James doesn't like losing. Have you heard?

So the Villians win the combined Reward Challenge and Immunity Challenge. We'll see if bananas are a part of the reward.

Now about that boot...

...the Pride of Williamsburg.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs Villians Episode 4 -- ACME Sez...

A wee limerick with this week's picks.

The Heroes are physically strong
So the reward is theirs for a song
But IC has them puzzled
By the Villains they're muzzled
And Cirie gets idoled. So long!

Requiem for a couch potato...

Hat tip to dabo for the couch potato pic.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Amazing Race -- The Cowboy Way

This season's Amazing Race is shaping up to be a fun season.

I'm becoming a big fan of the "cowboy" team of Jet & Cord. Going in, I didn't expect to have them on my "favorites" radar, figuring they'd be annoying, but their easygoing style (contrasting with the at-each-others-throats conflict we always seem to see from teams every year) and sense of humor, even poking fun at themselves, has won me over. The fact that they're running one hell of a good race is gravy. Sure, the Gsucho roping roadblock played to their strengths (after all, they are rodeo guys), but on the previous leg, the creative solution to the bus problem, getting a jump on those who stuck to the more "direct" routes, showed some smarts. I think these guys could win... they've got the strength to deal with the physical challenges and have shown they're not just "dumb hicks". 

Another favorite team is "Team Big Brother"... Jeff & Jordan. As a Big Brother fan, I already had an affinity for them as likable and fun-loving people. They've proven to be pretty good competitors, too, but a disturbing habit of not always reading the clues carefully could prove to be their downfall if they do it at a time when it could cause them a major delay, or even a time penalty. I hope they stick around a while, because they're fun to watch with their kidding banter, but I expect that they'll be long gone by the time it gets down to the final 3 teams sprinting for the finish line.

Another team that I've taken a bit of a liking to that I didn't expect to like is Brent & Caite. That they're billed as "dating models" was the kind of red flag that usually puts me off on a team right off the bat. But they've taken on a bit of the "underdog" edit, starting with other teams, upon realizing that she's a former Miss Teenage South Carolina (yes... THAT Miss Teenage South Carolina...) started mocking her among themselves and to other teams. Jeebus, people! OK... the girl had a televised "Deer in the headlights" moment that's become a viral internet classic. That was two frigging years ago! Let it go... get over it.
This past episode when their start got delayed 3 hours when they woke up sick and puking their guts up in the hotel due to food poisoning or something (Dammit! I told you not to drink the damned water!). They looked like they were going to be doomed right from the start, but after getting treatment at the local emergency room, and being dehydrated from the morning's expulsion of inner liquids, they battled back and wound up reaching the pit stop in 7th place. That's a bit more grit than I'm used to seeing from "model" teams.

I think I'm going to enjoy this season as it plays out.