Thursday, March 4, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs Villians Episode 4 -- ACME Sez...

A wee limerick with this week's picks.

The Heroes are physically strong
So the reward is theirs for a song
But IC has them puzzled
By the Villains they're muzzled
And Cirie gets idoled. So long!

Requiem for a couch potato...

Hat tip to dabo for the couch potato pic.


Thumper said...

Well... a little off on the reward winner (Geez, Colby... haven't you ever shot a damned free throw before?) but otherwise, pretty close. :o)

onlylisa said...

Can you believe Russell being soooooo obvious about looking for that immunity idol?
I was shocked!
I thought he was much smarter than that.

Thumper said...

When you think about it, while he was a bit obvious about it ("I'm going to take a walk"... yeah, they're gonna buy that!), he wasn't as obvious as he was last season... he dug up and found the first one right under their noses in camp while people were walking around him. I think someone even asked him what he was doing, and he said he was looking for a hidden idol!

He will need to dial that part of his game back a little with the old pros he's playing with this time.

onlylisa said...

Last season he could afford to be brash about it.
This season, I'd like to think that the calibre of the contestants means he has to be smarter than that. And indeed he does since they were immediately onto them.
I didn't think he was THAT stupid.

dabo said...

Russell's problem is two-fold. First, he doesn't just think he's the greatest player ever, he wants everyone around him to think it as well. It's his nature.

He's done a reasonably good job of keeping himself in check around these seasoned players (and it doesn't matter at all what pre-jury boots think). But this is a HUGE factor in his decision-making process.

His second problem is he places too much emphasis on the HII. It is a useful tool in the game, nothing else.

That said, the Villains who pooh-poohed the HII ignore it at their own risk, I can't fault Russell at all for being critical of that decision.