Monday, March 15, 2010

U-Turn to Oblivion

One of the things I most love about The Amazing Race, it's an actual competition. Cross the finish line first, you win. Of course a lot of things can happen along the way, you have to make decisions and live or die with the consequences, but in general the better talented more adept teams come out ahead.

Last night was not a prime example of TAR, not even a standard or typical episode. It had some amusement, The Red Baron spent all afternoon buzzing France as Carol and Brandy continued to gripe their way around the world. Still, it was a short leg (pardon the phrase), not much to it.

And in the end the team that was eliminated, Joe and Heidi, suffered not from a bad decision of their own, or bad luck, or even Joe's swollen knee. They got U-Turned, something the producers came up with to make lackluster legs a little more interesting, nothing else. Kind of a shame but even the best TV shows are, in the end, just TV shows.

This season will probably get better and better from here on out.


onlylisa said...

Yes I love that aspect of the race where you're yelling RUN to the TV at the very end.
It's like reality TV meets athletics.

Thumper said...

Joe and Heidi got screwed... when I saw the Morse code part, I knew that could torpedo someone if they went that route. It's not something commonly known today, and I doubted anyone would be able to get it (I mentioned to my brother that it would have been tailor made for him... he learned Morse code as part of his ham radio license... and if someone knew it, it would have probably been the fast path through that challenge). The one good part of it for me was that it did keep "Team Big Brother" in the game. I like Jeff & Jordan, and they're entertaining, although I don't think they're a strong enough team to last much longer. At least one more episode of their banter is a good thing. :) I've been rooting for the cowboys for several episodes now.