Monday, May 10, 2010

An Amazing Race Catfight

Yet another TAR season has come to a close and it ended with quite a bang.

I'm not sure why others felt it was a really lousy season (from most that I've spoken to) but I thought it was a decent enough season. Sure, there were some obnoxious personalities (hello: Caite, Brandy, Jeff/Jordan, the alleged "detectives"), but that's part of the fun of this type of show - not just racing to get to the pit stop first but also dealing with each other.

Here's a brief recap of the finale:

Dan and Jordan squeezed in between Caite/Brent and a sleeping Jet/Cord to "claim" second spot in the lineup for tickets at the airport, even though they arrived six hours later. What an asswipe move. But that, along with a plea to be moved up to first class, got them out well in front when the plane from Shanghai arrived in San Francisco ... and it was a lead they would hold all the way to the pit stop. Cord and Jet ran a good race, but took a little too much of a casual attitude with some of the tasks instead of playing to kill (so to speak). Caite and Brent were practically out of it once they arrived in San Francisco with thing after thing happening to them - leaving their backpack with money inside in a taxi cab, getting the one cabbie in San Francisco that didn't understand English, and basically spinning their wheels throughout.

In the end, it was Dan/Jordan who breezed to an easy win with Jet/Cord in second and Brent/Caite well back in third.

I thought the challenges were interesting in this finale. The funkadelic posters of each of the teams were a great touch as they had to remember who were eliminated in what order along with the non-elims. Liked the Lucasfilms Star Wars roadblock where each of the teams had one person wearing a body suit with sensors and the other person directing their partners using a virtual reality game on a monitor. Nice touch at the end to have each person spin in order to decipher the message directing them to their next clue. Would have liked to see more of the Coit Tower rappelling up and down, but saw little of it.

In the end, there was a nasty little catfight between Brandy and Caite after Brent/Caite ran up to the pit stop, passing by Brandy who just stood there with her arms folded. Caite is still a big-time twerp and a spoiled brat, but Brandy was way out of line with her squawking at Caite after Phil commented that there were others who weren't happy that Caite was the only female in the final three. To her credit, Caite said "Well, I'm the one up here and you're not."

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onlylisa said...

Brandy is not a nice person.