Friday, February 5, 2010

ACME enters the world of blogging

ACME has been around, primarily as a "Survivor" fan and spoiler group since October 2001, riding the crest of the wave of the reality-TV spoilerverse that followed on the heels of "Survivor" bursting onto the scene. For much of that time, we had a public face where we posted our musings (the late website) that faded into history last year.

Now, we're getting back into the public world through the magic of blogging.

The interests of our members is much more diverse than it was way back when we started, encompassing most of reality TV as well as numerous fandoms for regular TV (such as Lost, "24", Alias, As we get up to speed, ACME members will be sharing their thoughts on these and other areas of the entertainment world. I hope you'll find it entertaining.


Pepe said...

Hi Thumper!

I'll be like all these fanboys on the other sites ....


Thumper said...

Well, you little stinker!
I don't need fanboys... how about some fangirls and groupies?!? ;o)

Pepe said...

Ah, good to see you've figured out the reply function on here. Let's rock and roll with this site.

Thumper said...

Found a solution for Firefox users... the comment page format is a bit clunkier, but at least it works.