Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Heroes" Season Finale

In addition to "Reality" shows, many of us also love regular TV shows... particularly some of the serialized "quirky" shows. One of those that I enjoy is "Heroes".

This season's finale of "Heroes" aired last night, and I find some of the storylines very interesting... possibly tying back to "alternate timeline" stories from past seasons.

One involves Sylar's seeming transformation from psychotic killer to an empathetic good guy... as he put it last night, a hero... and his observation that "it felt good" might indicate that the change might take. That the transformation took place at the hands of former arch-enemy Peter might tie back to a story thread from a couple seasons back when Peter sought out Sylar to acquire his power-gathering skill in his quest to save the world.
The Sylar he encountered was very different from the one we had come to know... he was merely Gabriel, a mild-mannered husband and father living out what appeared to be a normal life. That was incongruous at the time, but now feels consistent with the "New Sylar" after his mind meld with Peter. I can actually see this guy renouncing his powers and trying to blend into normal society.
One thought that's been rattling around in my head is that in that alternate timeline (possibly one that derives from the current storyline) Sylar actually does reform and settle down as Gabriel. The intriguing thought I had was that his future wife might even be Claire! (after all... his son in that earlier storyline was blonde...). In recent episodes, their paths did seem to be intertwining more, and if his redemption is legit, could be something to watch for down the road when the next season cranks up.

I can hardly wait!

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MSG said...

Ehk, my lingering thought after the season finale was that I'd be satisfied and content if "Brave New World" was the series finale. Sure, I'm hooked on this show and its characters, but I'm not sure the writers can pull off the "specials revealed to the public world" angle at this point.

Claire falling and healing in front of the cameras serves as both a visibly striking way to introduce specials to the public eye and a clever tie-in to her videotaped healing hijinks from the first episode of the series. Sylar's "It's a brave new world" quote conjured up visions of the future Huxley imagined and led me to dream up the ramifications for our Heroes. But if "Brave New World" becomes a new volume, I'm afraid the effectiveness of the episode will be lost due to the writers using this turn of events to hit the reset button once again.

If there is a Volume Six, here's how I see it playing out: Things are rainbows and roses at first until a renegade special fucks everything up by hurting someone, Noah tries to cover but only makes it worse, Claire misunderstands and the old father/daughter issues resurface, the government tracks down Mohinder to help it figure out the evolutionary/biological source of abilities to pave the way for all people to have abilities (this would be the future in "I Am Become Death" featuring stay-at-home-dad Sylar), but they must experiment on Claire or others, Sylar loses it and starts slicing heads again, etc. etc. etc.

The season finale felt like a natural endpoint for the show, resolving all conflicts and leaving all of the major characters happy (except Noah, only because Claire's stunt destroys his primary motivation since day one of the series). Of course I'll keep watching if NBC decides to keep it, but I can't help but feel the next season would be botched and ultimately lead to cancellation anyway.

We'll see...