Friday, February 26, 2010

The Randy Man Can

Heh, got to give credit to the Randy man, he walked out without a word, the old grump.

Probst had a very good blog entry this week, wherever it is, but concluded with a stunningly dumb

At Least They Got The Vote Right!

Do they ever really? The Villains avoided the traditional slaughter of eyecandy which is a hallmark of Survivor, I guess we know how Jeff feels about that. And in doing that and getting rid of the old grump, who at least is an open and honest old grump who couldn't make a friend to save his life, they kept around...

A delusional maniac
An egotistical saboteur
A couple of hangers-on
Two evil witches
And Boston Rob.

And, well, you can fill it in yourself. I suppose had they gotten rid of Russell they'd never have a chance of finding the hidden, you know, machete.


Matt said...

Oh, they completely got the boot wrong. At least, Rob did. He should have cut Parvati no question about it. In one fell swoop, he gets rid of one of the most dangerous players and cripples the other alpha male in the tribe, Russell. He had the votes: Jerri, Coach, Rob, Sandra, Tyson and Randy. Rob would be much better off with that group than working with Russell, Parvati Danielle, and Courtney. I fear Rob will not last long.

Anonymous said...

Week after week they make a sound argument to get rid of somone and then proceed to vote off someone entirely different.

I'm divided.
There's no question Parvarti had to go. Men are putty in her hands. They're powerless to resist her (for some reason that this female can't understand). They know she's bad for them but they follow anyway.
Given her power, she's an automatic alliance with whoever she charms. They should get rid of her.

However...I generally believe it is best to vote off the weakest first (to ensure you're not back at tribal again the following week) and on this occasion they did that.