Thursday, February 18, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs Villains - Episode 2 Haiku Picks

Villains rewarded
Immunity is their prize
Stephenie departs


onlylisa said...

How'd Rob go?
The preview made it look like he was dead!

Thumper said...

He was just weakened by the flu or something. Medical cleared him and he stayed in the game. Looked much better by challenge time.

Pepe said...

You know, I wondered if that scene was out of sequence and they edited it as such to make it seem more plausible to fit with the episode timeline and/or make Rob seem more heroic.

The editors needed to focus on the squabbling going on within the Heroes after the immunity challenge, so it wouldn't have surprised me if in real time Rob actually blacked out after the IC instead of before as we were shown on TV. Consider that he exerted himself significantly during the IC with pushing the block up on his back by himself - that had to take a lot out of him and may have set the stage for him to pass out later on while also dealing with the "Samoan Flu".

He'd look a lot more heroic rising up from the canvas to lead the Villains to victory in the IC with the way they edited the episode.

onlylisa said...

I think the Hero made a mistake. They should be keeping the strongest team possible until they start winning and take out the weakest while they are losing.
I also think that James was very wrong. He was reacting to the loss in a selfish and negative way. Nothing valuable came from his rant.
And highlighting Stefanie as someone who outlasted her teammates is no reason to vote her out. It's stupid to target someone at this stage of the game for such a flimsy reason.